Sunday, July 12, 2009

long time no hear

My life in general and my work in particular were on a speedy roller coaster the last 3 months.
Though it is still spinning it has slowed down slightly seemingly nearing its destination.
During this rough ride, I travelled to Beirut to inspect the fallen garden of our apparment; then off to Johanseburg where I was kissed by a beautiful elephant followed by a week long trip to Bahrain where I had just enough time between meetings to catch up with my dear friend Maria.
Once I returned to Lagos from all these trips, it was clear that it is best to move on. We are moving back to Beirut soon.
Between the packing, the handover of work and the shutting down of an old life, I will introduce you all to Abu Charbel, the elephant, the indifferent bar scene of Beirut and the beautiful rainy season of Lagos.

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